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Meet Startup: Kopeka by Tom Donaldson

Coming up with an idea that has national and international application using augmented reality technology was exciting but something that XplorAR partners didn’t know how to navigate, nor how to fund.

Startup Shakeup made it clear that out idea is a real possibility, not just a dream. And now we are ready to take it to investors.

– Tom

Tell us about your idea or startup.
Our startup is an application for the tourism industry. It refines the tourism experience and helps people better navigate their way around Australia and eventually, the world. XplorAR incorporates augmented reality technology.

What were you looking for when you came to Startup Shakeup?
We were looking for answers to our questions about what we needed to do next and ways to get assistance in developing the concept. We were in the very early stages of the idea, looking for validation that the idea had legs, and ways to flesh out the idea in order to secure finance for it.

Please describe what Startup Shakeup did for you?
What was incredibly helpful was that they took us step by step through what we needed to do. Unless you have done a startup before, starting with an idea that is relatively big is overwhelming. To be honest, you really have no idea, when and in what sequence to do things. Through JumpStartMe, we did three sessions with the group and then Mark Cooper provided one-on-one mentoring.

What has changed in your business and/or life as a result of Startup Shakeup?
Startup Shakeup has made it a lot clearer that our idea is a real possibility, not just a dream. We are now at a point where we can take it to investors. We wouldn’t be investor-ready now without Startup Shakeup.

Where to next for you?
We are fine-tuning the last bits of information and then seeking investors, and Mark is helping us every step of the way. We have worked our way through 65 questions investors are likely to ask. In addition, we have the business plan and business model ready to go.

What is the benefit of Startup Shakeup to our region?
I think it’s provided a phenomenal benefit to the local startups. Startup communities have been in Melbourne and Geelong for years, but if you’re not from there, you either had to travel, which is really not viable, or had to do without support. Startup Shakeup should definitely keep going because there is so much talent in this region. It also connects smaller businesses to the startups – connections with smaller business can support the startups’ ideas, to drive them forward. The network Startup Shakeup facilitates is invaluable to both startups and local businesses.

What is your advice to other people in startup mode/other entrepreneurs?
Go for it. Take it as far as you can – keep going with it until, or unless, something gives you a clear indication that it’s time to stop.
The process we worked through makes you look at every aspect, and if after that process it still looks good, why wouldn’t you proceed? Unless you work through this process, however, you can be blinded by your own idea. We’d also say, expect to make mistakes, use them as building blocks to learn and if you believe in the idea keep going.

Visit their website: https://kopeka.app/