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Strategic Creativity for Professionals (online)

By Startup Shakeup

Learn practical ways to introduce and implement creativity and innovation into your professional life and business.

This multi-session workshop will be held across two days online.
Session 1a: March 23rd from 4pm to 6pm
Session 1b: March 26th from 4pm to 6pm
Cost: $25 per person
Location: Online. A ‘Zoom’ link will be emailed to you.

You will be asked to complete a small worksheet prior to the first workshop to help you develop the outcomes in the workshop. This will be emailed to you prior to Session 1a.

Our brains are very effective in making quick decisions using known information and linking it together.

This works well when you are happy doing variations of the same thing. But when we are faced with the challenge of thinking differently, our normal thinking process can stop us from seeing new ideas and associations.

There are many ways to help our brains think strategically ‘outside the square’, and these workshops will help you to create innovative ideas for your business that will lead to future-focused strategic thinking that will help drive your business forward. In this way, we can use new challenges to get us out of our comfort zone into new ways of thinking and being.

Read more about our facilitator, Jen Weller (Creativeworkz) here.

These workshops are presented by Jen Weller and Startup Shakeup.

For further information please contact:

Jessica Tucker, Project & Communications Facilitator – Startup Shakeup
E: jessica@startupshakeup.co