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Startup Shakeup Masterclass – Creating Your Digital Roadmap with NBN

Tuesday, November 23, 2021
1pm till 2.30pm

Learn the basics of connectivity & digital so that as your business grows, you’ll be able to support the growth across all channels.

Are you a Startup, Shakeup, or just someone who wants to have a broader understanding of how to bring digital and connectivity into your business?

Tune in online over your lunch break for our Online Masterclass with NBN, where you’ll learn the basics of internet, connectivity, and digital so that as your business grows, you can support it with sustainable digital resources across all channels.

Topics Covered

  • The Language of Digital – Understanding basic terms across the ‘tech stack’ the nbn and the Cloud.
  • Important Decisions – Examples on storage, backup, security, and contingency/disaster recovery
  • Digital Transformation – What does it really mean? Hear case studies about other businesses that have been on digital transformation journies.
  • Preparing Your Own Business Digital Roadmap – Complete a draft Digital Transformation Roadmap starting with an assessment of your business digital maturity, goals over the next two years, and how to get there.

Attendees will be supplied with a Digital Roadmap Template (PDF)

This Masterclass will be delivered in partnership with nbn.