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Startup Shakeup Meetup | Wodonga |

Wednesday 30th March 2022 5.30 pm onwards

Hyphen – Wodonga Library Gallery

35 people joined Startup Shake up for our first CONNECT event for 2022, held outdoors on the Sculpture Terrace at Hyphen Wodonga – Wodonga Library Gallery

In conversation style our guest speaker, 2022 AgriFutures Victorian Rural Woman of the YearKimberley Furness shared behind-the-scenes business knowledge on how her business OAK Magazine approaches growth and innovation, advice on growing a business, lessons learned throughout COVID and the significance of the name OAK.

Kimberley was an inspiring speaker, offering insights into her journey as an entrepreneur and openly sharing her knowledge, experience and advice in a frank and friendly discussion with attendees.

Some of the main takeaways included:

* be mindful of who you surround yourself with, especially at the beginning of your startup journey.

* Return and check in with people who have said ‘no’, no is not forever!

* You already possess everything you need to be great!

* You can always ask someone.

* Only 30% of bylines and media content is created by women

The event was proudly delivered by Startup Shakeup in collaboration with City of Wodonga , Wodonga Innovation Project and supported by Squad Training.


Kimberley Furness, owner and founder of OAK Magazine is a former journalist, local business woman, and mum of four.

She is long time content creator for print and digital, a social media trainer for rural business owners and the host of A Friend of Mine podcast.

OAK Magazine is a proudly independent print publication dedicated to sharing stories and amplifying voices of female entrepreneurs and women in business in regional and rural Australia.

The publication is filled with expertise, insights and small business guidance from driven, inspiring and successful rural women.

Kimberley has made a conscious decision with OAK to deliberately shift away from movie stars and models, to celebrate real women that are creating tangible change in regional and rural communities.

Stories position females to the front with courageous conversations taking place featuring women succeeding with a disability or leaning into their cultural heritage, help to breakdown stigma, stereotypes and barriers.

OAK covers a range of industries including health, fashion, fitness, beauty, hospitality, construction, mining, farming, creative arts, small business, well being and finance.

OAK Magazine supports women in business by engaging the services of businesses owned and led by women within our community. When not possible, Kimberley ensures the providers are equally supportive of women in the workplace.