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NE Vic SME Workforce Research into Digital Literacy Public Presentation

Thursday 26 May 2022 10.30am


Startup Shakeup has been working with the Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII) undertaking an exploratory study across the region – what does the small business workforce know, not know, and what do they want?

We found that our Digital Inclusion scores are nearly 10% lower than for Metropolitan Melbourne and that most of this is due to lower Digital Abilities – which also vary by local government area and vary by sector.

We also found that you want enhanced digital capacity in Marketing, Administration, Sales, and Financial Management.

Join Startup Shakeup Managing Director, Ilena Young and Lead Digital Coaching Facilitator, Bree Nightingale as they present the details of what we found and show you what we plan to do in response to what you have told us.   

Please note class places are limited. If none of these options work, please email our Digital Coaching Facilitator on bree@startupshakeup.org