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Startup Shakeup Online Bootcamp


Tues 26th September 2023
4:30 pm – 5:45 pm
$50 per person

Ready to kick off your business idea or step it up to the next level?

Join us for our online Startup Bootcamp, where we will guide you through the initial phases of either kick starting your business or advancing it to the next level. 

This interactive workshop will help you drill down on your idea or business and learn about using tech to help grow your concept or business further and faster, even without a technical background!

You’ll be:
1. Designing a business model around your value proposition for the customer;
2. Learning simple ways to use tech in your business to improve find-ability, customer service, productivity and reliable platforms;
3. Discovering the range of programs and support Startup Shakeup offers in our region to help you in growing or pivoting your business idea.