Meet our Incubator 3 Cohort & their Startups

Over the last 6 months, we’ve had 10 entrepreneurs join us as they build, scale, and grow from seed to MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Working closely with our team they have developed their businesses and confidence, built their capacity, analysed different technologies, attended expert masterclasses, and built connections with Startup Shakeup and Runway networks.

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LAUNCH EVENT | Incubator Cohort 3

Join us to celebrate Innovation as our most recent Incubator cohort launch their ideas.

Attendees will get an exclusive first look at what these innovative entrepreneurs have developed as their Minimum Viable Product.

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Morning Tech: Paid Advertising in Social Media with Bree Nightingale and Melissa Antony

Are you wanting a better understanding of social media paid advertising?

Join Startup Shakeup’s representatives Bree Nightingale and Melissa Antony as they introduce you to Startup Shakeup’s NEW ‘soon to be released’ venture Click Region and the popular topic of Social Media Paid Advertising.

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