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Do you want to work with a small team that is creative, innovative, and collaborative?

Startup Shakeup is a catalyst for innovation and regional economic growth, leading the Regional Innovation Ecosystem and nurturing purpose, confidence, capacity, and powerful connections. 

For Startups, Shakeups, or Innovators, we’re here to support businesses that do it differently, a community of movers, shakers, and change-makers, and our mission is to solve local problems and support causes that shape our future. 

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Benalla Future Work Summit

Startup Shakeup's Lead Digital Coaching Facilitator Bree Nightingale and Program Coordinator, Sarah Parker supported the Benalla Future Work Summit, facilitating break out sessions. Over seventy people from business, industry, employment, all  levels of government and  community agencies including Startup Shakeup’s Bree and Sarah attended the Benalla Future Work Summit.
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