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Startup Shakeup Industry Partnership

September 2021

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Industry Sponsorship
Industry Partnership
Foundation Partnership (choose your own adventure)

Startup Shakeup is North East Victoria’s largest network for Startups, Shakeups and Innovators.

Join our Industry Partnership network to align yourself and your business with our ever-growing innovation ecosystem.

Supporting our community through a partnership will give you and your business a variety of valuable benefits.

Industry Sponsor

If you want an opportunity to align yourself with Startup Shakeup and promote your business and services, we invite you to be an Industry Sponsor.

Logo & Offering on Startup Shakeup’s Website

Your logo (and offering if applicable) will be displayed on our resources page. We can work with you to develop a partner service offering that our network and you will benefit from. The Startup Shakeup website gets an average of 1500 site visits a month. 

Be an Advisor in the Skills Network

You will have an opportunity to be an Advisor in our Skills Network that provides participants one on one brainstorming sessions to tackle blocks, issues and ways forward within their startups and businesses.

Feature in the Startup Shakeup Newsletter

Your logo and offering will be showcase in our Startup Shakeup newsletter, and on our social media. Our base sponsorship allows two features per year.

Access to network

You will have the opportunity to have a direct connection provided where SME’s require guidance.

Industry Partnership

Not only will your partnership assist us to continue to deliver a high standard of programs and support to innovators within the North East, but we will also showcase your business as a Industry Sponsorship in the following ways

Logo on Startup Shakeup’s Website

Your logo will be displayed on our homepage and about page. The Startup Shakeup website gets an average of 1500 site visits a month.

Logo on Startup Shakeup’s Fortnightly Newsletter

Your logo will be displayed in our newsletter that goes out fortnightly to a readership of over 500 people with a 35% open rate.

Business Highlighted at Startup Shakeup’s Events

Your logo and business will be name dropped at relevant events. Startup Shakeup have delivered over 100 events since our inception in 2018 and have a high attendance rate.

Featured Events in Newsletter

You will have the opportunity to showcase your relevant events in our fortnightly newsletter to our readership.

PR Announcement

You will be included in our quality PR campaign that showcase all of our new sponsors/partners from that quarter.

Industry & Stakeholder Function

You will have the opportunity to attend our Industry and Stakeholder Function event where you will meet like-minded people, our other partners and also have an opportunity to meet and speak to our board members. 

Event Opportunities

You will have a standing invitation to attend Startup Shakeup events, as well as the opportunity to sponsor any relevant events.

Foundation Partnership

Our Foundation Partnership is for those who are 110% committed to seeing our region thrive within the innovation and startup space. As well as all of the inclusions of the Industry Sponsorship, as a Foundation Partner, we will work with you to ‘build your own adventure’.

Nominate Experts for Events

You will have the opportunity to nominate subject matter experts for Startup Shakeup events.

Event Sponsorship & Prizes

You will have the opportunity to be a star sponsor at our annual summit and be able to add prizes to various launch and pitch nights.


You’ll have the opportunity to co-design new programs and services alongside us.

Utilise the Startup Shakeup brand

You will have the opportunity to utilise the Startup Shakeup logo for joint events and promotion.

Plus more!

Why Startup Shakeup?

Startup Shakeup is the emerging leader of innovation within regional Victoria.

We’ve been supporting startups, shakeups and innovators within the region since 2018.

We are up to date with current trends and insights relevant to our community, and communicate daily with our founders. We are partnered with 6 local government regions and have strong relationships with key players within the region. 

The Fine Print

Industry Sponsor: $2500 +GST per year

Industry Partnership: $10k +GST per year

Foundation Partnership: POA

Ready to go? 

Contact our Acting CEO Ilena Young on ilena@startupshakeup.org