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We have a range of ongoing programs that we offer our community of innovators, you can view them below.

One on one business advice for regional Startups, Shakeups, and Innovators.

The Skills Network is a chance for our Startups, Shakeups and Innovators to have access to our skilled regional Advisors.

If you are after either some specific advice, need some assistance to solve business challenges, want someone to brainstorm with or just someone to point you in the right direction, the Skills Network is for you.

Even better, you are able to access three free sessions through the Skills Network thanks to our local government partners.

Are you thinking about taking your idea and bringing it into the world? 

You are in the right place! 

Our Incubator takes expert knowledge that is practice-tested and delivers it to you in an interactive and application-based format. As a result, we will take your idea to MVP and the early stages of acceleration.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in a half day introductory ‘Bootcamp’ to kickstart your idea – just ask us!

We heard your responses in our Digital Confidence Survey and created the learning tool you asked us for.

Click Region inspires and educates small businesses to feel confident in the digital space: from simple skills like turning on Bluetooth to more complex matters like cyber security.

It’s an easy-to-navigate education hub with online tools and programs to grow your digital confidence and grow your business.
All delivered in short, sharp bursts (under 7 mins) so you can learn just what you need, when you need it, without leaving your business.

We also create bundles for organisations that want to offer Click Region access as a value add package to their businesses and members.

Working Together Program

Startup Shakeup and Click Region are here to help you on your digital journey.

Whether you’re a new small business, established business, a community organisation or have a business idea in the making, we want to help you learn the skills you need to thrive in your business online.

‘Working Together’ is a program including one-on-one coaching and small workshops when required. We design the business topics around areas to support you and your business in the digital space.

All ‘Working Together’ coaching sessions are free. All we ask is that you show up to your training sessions willing to learn, and happy to ask your coach questions.

If you are in Towong or Alpine Shire and want to take up this opportunity, email Bree our Program Manager below to register.

This program was funded by the State Government of Victoria through Emergency Recovery Victoria.

Masterclasses and Meetups

We have a region full of extremely talented founders, business people and individuals who love to connect with others and share their knowledge.

Our Masterclasses revolve around issues and topics that you have told us you want to know more about and take place either online or in-person.

Our Meetups are informal gatherings and a great opportunity to talk about hot topics (how to use Chat GPT) and uncover the stories behind success and hear about the journeys, the growth, and the challenges faced.

Digital Connections

Whether you’re a microbusiness or a grassroots community organisation, we are here to help you learn the skills you need online. If you are from the King Valley (Wangaratta), Benalla, Mt Beauty, Myrtleford (Alpine Shire), Chiltern or Beechworth (Indigo Shire) and are looking to take your business or community organization online, we are offering one on one coaching to help you do so.

Digital Connections is a program including one-on-one digital coaching, weekly digital business tips plus “drop- in” sessions at a designated cafe or pub to ask your digital questions to help you upskill to take your business or organisation digital. 

As part of the program, we will also be arranging targeted workshops if there is a demand for certain topics in depth. 

All ‘Digital Connections’ activities are free. Come along ready to learn and to ask questions.

If you are in the any of the regions above and want to take up this opportunity, email our Program Manager below to register.

This program was funded by the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR).

Other Programs

Aside from the below, we also have presented the following programs.

  • Smart Seeds Challenge Workshops
  • Smartmate Pitch Coaching
  • Jumpstart Me Business Idea Validation
  • Share Your Impact Night
  • Beers & Ideas Meetups
  • Organisational Entrepreneurship Program
  • My Big Idea (Global Sisters)
  • Smart Seeds Open
  • Rocket Seeder Innovation 101 Food & Ag Startups
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Strategic Creativity
  • Regional Resilience
  • Plug In. Take Off.
  • and more.