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Meet Startup: Cloth Baby by Emma Avery

Combining her interest in environmental sustainability with the drive to fix a problem for parents of babies, one young mother has developed a tailored online and offline solution; Cloth Baby.

For my first child, I wanted to use cloth nappies, but in the end, I threw in the towel; it was just too hard. So, I thought, if I’m having difficulty, others might be too. Why isn’t there something that makes it easy?

– Emma

Tell us about your idea or startup.
I’m helping parents to use modern cloth nappies successfully and easily. I’ve always been interested in environmental sustainability and that is the area I work in. When I had my first child, I wanted to use cloth nappies. I didn’t realise there are over 50 styles and it’s overwhelming. My daughter was a small baby, the nappies leaked and I wasn’t sure about washing them. When I was sleep-deprived, it all got too hard. I threw in the towel and used disposable nappies. When I had my second baby, I wanted to try again. I also thought, if I’m having difficulty, others might be too. Why isn’t there something that makes it easy? So, that’s what Cloth Baby is here for. Given how much cheaper cloth nappies are than disposable nappies and how much better they are for the environment, I asked myself why more people aren’t using them?

What were you looking for when you came to Startup Shakeup?
I thought wow, this is great timing. I was feeling optimistic about engaging with Startup Shakeup, the workshops sounded good. I was mainly looking for information on how to run a business.

Please describe what Startup Shakeup did for you?
Startup Shakeup put me in touch with contacts. I attended the pitchfest. It was a really good networking opportunity for startups and other businesses. I just got my business cards delivered that day and was proud to hand them out. I’m planning to do their pitch coaching and pitching to get the word out there about Cloth Baby.

What has changed in your business and/or life as a result of Startup Shakeup?
I’ve changed how I work. The guys at Jeweller’s Co-working have helped me heaps in recommending apps, giving me tech advice and that’s really improved my efficiency. I had never considered pitching when I went to the pitchfest because I am not looking for investment, but the Startup Shakeup team have been giving me encouragement to pitch to demonstrate my service. I’ve really used Startup Shakeup as good support. I really like that their workshops give options of daytime and evening, which helps with access when you have young children.

What would you like to do next with Startup Shakeup and how will you continue to be involved?
I might look at further developing a different style of nappy. I don’t know what sort of design drawing you send to a manufacturer, and if that’s in China how do you start? I would need help with understanding product development.

What is your advice to other people in startup mode/other entrepreneurs?
You don’t know until you do it. People say don’t tell anyone your idea and then you are sitting there on your own. My advice is to share what you are working on with others you feel comfortable with, perhaps in your field of expertise. And if you feel someone may steal your idea, make yours better or know your point of difference.

Visit their website: https://clothbaby.com.au/