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About Startup Shakeup

Startup Shakeup accelerates regional innovation and grows your business. We are an independent Not for Profit that works collaboratively to offer an exciting and relevant calendar of programs and events, bringing you the support you need at the point that you need it, connecting and strengthening Startups, Small Businesses and Innovators in regional Australia.

93% of Victorian startups are based in the Melbourne CBD, but not for long… Startup Shakeup aims to expand the opportunities for startups to be created, and small businesses to survive and thrive, anywhere in Victoria with the right support and ecosystem.

Our Goals & Vision

The Vision: A dynamic and innovative region in which Startups, Small Businesses and Innovators thrive.


To act as a catalyst for innovation and regional economic growth


To nurture purpose and confidence in regional and rural enterprises


To create powerful collaboration among regional people


To enable people to start or renew innovative aspirational enterprises that strengthen regional economies

Our Board

Steve Cohen

Board Chair

Chris Howe


Learn more from one of our founders, Emma.