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Welcome to Startup Shakeup

Startup Shakeup is a community for you, the movers, shakers, and change-makers in North East Victoria. It’s your ticket to networking and educational events that will support your mission to solve local problems and support causes that shape our future… whether you’re a Startup, Shakeup or Innovator, we’re here to support businesses who do it differently.

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Start your new business in the best environment you can, and use techniques used by successful Startups all over the world.

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One on one business advice for regional Startups & Businesses

The Startup Shakeup Skills Network is an opportunity for founders, startups, and business owners to connect with skilled advisors on a range of topics. 

The network offers a chance to solve challenges, brainstorm some ideas, and be pointed in the right direction so that your business can grow.

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