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Regional Resilience in the new COVID Economy and Beyond

It’s not just business as usual – with the ever-changing COVID-19 economy, there’s never been a better time to seek extra support and training for local businesses and start-ups.  

Startup Shakeup, in collaboration with Benalla Rural City and Business Victoria, is hosting a workshop, presented by Resilient Futures. The workshop will explore what the emerging new COVID-19 economy will really mean in terms of opportunity and risk and focus on changing ahead of change to leverage the disruption that is yet to come. 

Local businesses are invited to be part of shaping a resilient future for our region and will be joined by other local leaders and innovators who are committed to rethinking what is possible in light of immediate disruption.  

Resilient Futures specialise in enabling people to help activate their business resilience by understanding and leveraging disruptive change and it is an opportunity not to be missed.  

Director of Resilient Futures David Platt says “What we’re seeing is a new economy, the COVID Economy, rise in real time. What every individual, business and community now needs is the mindset, skill-set and strategic focus to pursue opportunity, mitigate risk and accelerate innovation in that new reality.”  

“The ability to understand disruptive change, interpret what it means for you, your business and your community and focus on action that will make a difference is a critical skill in today’s world.” says David. 

During the webinar, attendees will develop an understanding of the realities of the rapidly emerging COVID economy, be able to clarify which conventional business and operating modes are dropping away. They will also gain insight into what is starting to rise and replace ‘business as usual’ and acquire skills on how to find their way forward in terms of actively addressing opportunities and risk that are present to their businesses. 

​The webinar is the first of three other workshops which will allow participants to explore the issues in an in-depth and collaborative manner.