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Meet Regional Skills Advisor: Andrew Vittadello

In what ways do you support our Participants throughout the Regional Skills Network?
Local businesses can draw from my experience of working with Australia’s biggest brands and brightest minds that have successfully revolutionised businesses from the inside out.

I know how winning brands use customer insights to drive innovation. I can help coach companies to develop a deep understanding of their customers, evaluate current marketing efforts and make suggestions for improvements, plan and implement social media, ecommerce online store or other marketing campaigns, train other marketers on best practices, and suggest new content, workflows or methods for reaching consumers efficiently and effectively. There is already so much to celebrate in the area, I can even help enhance the positive perceptions to increase awareness.

What attracted you to the Regional Skills Network as an Advisor?
North East Victoria has been of interest to me since meeting my wife 17 years ago. I have strong ties to the area and we venture there as often as we can to be with family, staying at length, and participating in as many events and festivals as we can. As a result I have developed a strong local network and understanding of the area. I have grown to love the area and all that it offers and have seen it grow from strength to strength over the years.

I would embrace the opportunity to relocate my family to a country lifestyle and all the benefits it offers and to an area full of thriving small communities. I am motivated by how focused the area has been on supporting local small businesses, cultural events, local initiatives, and tourist spots with the ever-increasing interest in attractions like culture, food and wine, sport, adventure, and natural sites that promote health and well being. I personally have a very strong interest in small businesses and startups. I would love to and am keen to be able to use my many years of business and marketing knowledge to provide advice and support to local businesses in the area to assist them to grow and become successful.

What do you hope to see come from the Regional Skills Network?
Ultimately I believe the aim should be to build out the regional North East Victorian economy, businesses, and jobs and bring in outside investment and growth.

North East Victoria businesses have to innovate in order to be successful for the long-term. Whether we like it or not, recent events have fast tracked digital behaviours by 10 years, in 10 months. Regional business need to be prepared for disruptions posed by the modern world and must be willing to adapt to how a customer wants to engage with a brand. By creating this community of support, we will be able to assist in upskilling and supporting developing businesses by guiding participants through a range of information sharing sessions to foster innovating strategies and identify growth opportunities.

Winning brands have a deep understanding of their customer. Winning brands going forward will be those that listen and translate customer needs and expectation into carefully crafted channel strategies to meet and serve customers where they are – and as they move within and across channels. These winners will know their customer better than competitors and build longer-term trust and loyalty, deepened through each interaction.

Whoever is best at spending the least amount of money running ads, making Whoever is best at spending the least amount of money running ads, making pictures, audio and video to get people to consider them will win.

What are you doing to understand your customers better and how are you using these insights to shape your customer’s experience and grow brand awareness and ultimately lead to a conversion?

If you’d like to learn more about our Regional Skills Network – head over to the information page here