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We aim to provide Startups, Shakeups, and Innovators with great resources to help assist them on their business journeys.

Past Event Recordings

Incubator 1 Launch Night
Friday, September 3, 2021

Campfire Chat: Hunter Jay, Ripe Robotics
Thursday, October 7, 2021

Campfire Chat: HealthTech Founder, Georgie Drury
Thursday, December 2, 2021

All the resources you’ll need

Regional Resilience

Be part of shaping a resilient future for your region. Join other leaders and innovators who are committed to re-thinking what is possible in light of immediate disruption.

Explore what the emerging COVID Economy really means in terms of opportunity and risk. Focus now on changing ahead of change to leverage disruption yet to come.

Through watching this three-part workshop series you will learn how to:

  • Identify and interpret immediate and emergent conditions
  • Learn the basics of Conditions Analysis and start to develop your own
  • Assess strategic opportunity and strategic risk in the COVID Economy
  • Determine which strategic opportunities and risks matter to you and prioritise and focus on the right opportunities and risks at the right time
  • Focus on value generation, aligned to your values
  • Explore how to sustain value generation and how to shine a light on the opportunity for innovation

Jargon Translator

  • Accelerator 
    A program that provides participants with set methodology to develop their startup including mentoring and training.
  • Angel Investor
    Individuals who want to give money to early stage startups. Sometimes they want a return, sometimes not.
  • B2B
    Business to Business. Usually used to describe selling a product or service to businesses.
  • B2C
    Business to consumer. Selling a product or service direct to the end user.
  • BootstrappedStarted without external funding. DIY.
  • Coworking
    Shared work space often with a focus on building a community.
  • Crowdfunding 
    Form of financing, often conducted online, where individual investors pool together.
  • Equity
    Owning a share of a business.
  • Founder
    Someone who starts a startup
  • Hackathon
    Usually an event where people get together to rapidly prototype an idea in a short period of time.
  • Incubator
    Similar to an accelerator in providing a program for to assist in a startup’s development with a focus on the innovation process.
  • IPO
    Initial Public Offering. The first time a company offers shares to the public.
  • Mentoring
    The process of sharing learning and experiences to support others in their startup and business journey.
  • MVP
    Minimum Viable Product. A product or service with only the absolutely necessary features built in order to demonstrate to the public.
  • NDA
    Non Disclosure Agreement. Document given to people to sign when you are sharing information with them so they will keep it secret.
  • Pitch
    Presentation or document given to potential investors or founders to try and get funding or assistance.
  • Proof of concept
    Experimental product or service that proves its viability.
  • ROI
    Return On Investment. What an investor expects to get in exchange for their assistance.
  • SaaS
    Software as a Service. Software product that is centrally hosted and usually sold as a subscription model.
  • Shakeup
    An existing business within our network who wants to rethink and do business differently.
  • Startup
    A business created by founders looking for a scalable business model.
  • Venture Capital
    Finance provided by a business to an early stage startup, usually for equity.