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Meet our Incubator 1 Cohort & their Startups

Thank you for celebrating with us as our ‘Incubator 1’ Cohort launched their businesses!

Over the last 6 months, we’ve had 10 entrepreneurs join us as they build, scale, and grow from seed to MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

Working closely with our team they have developed their businesses and confidence, built their capacity, analysed different technologies, attended expert masterclasses, and built connections with Startup Shakeup & Runway networks.

Incubator Startup Overview

North East Cellar Doors
by Rohan Webb

North East Cellar Doors aims to position itself as a binding agent for the producers of local beer and spirits. To centralise marketing, distribution, and freight using a blend of smart distribution centre technology and traditional relationship building, to bond this already tight-knit community together. The result will create a world-renowned produce region that will serve as a key economic driver in North East Victoria.

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by Patrick Au

Our aim is to make environmentally sustainable building practices easier and more accessible. If you’re looking to build or renovate, but want to do it without the hassle, we’re for you. With our expertise in design and construction, we will save you time by managing your project from start to finish. Frustrated with the lack of options to build more sustainably? So are we. Our values ensure that the environment will be front of mind in all our projects, without having to break the bank.

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by Bronwen O’Shea

30% of Australia’s population lives in the regions, but only 15% of its journalists are based there. So who is telling the important stories of regional Australia? StoryUp was founded to help the leaders, innovators, and change-makers of regional Australia find, craft, and share their stories so that the voice of regional Australia is clearly heard. 

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by Siphiwo Makunike

Siphi Makunike is a registered nurse with over 15years of experience and has worked in various healthcare settings including the aged care sector. 
Coming from a compassionate, caregiving background and a keen interest in social enterprise, Siphi is looking to further improve and enrich the user experience for older people as well their families through her new startup, Naitingel.

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by Paul Hogan and Lisa DiFazio

MODNEST is an affordable, sustainable, and dignified housing solution, centered on providing regional communities with growth opportunities and vulnerable people a home. This will be achieved by manufacturing small-scale, self-contained housing options that can be adapted to suit the needs of various people.

by Nathan MacPhee

IIF is an agricultural investment platform that facilitates direct access to real on-farm, agricultural assets. IFF was created to simultaneously support agricultural production and enhance connectivity between producers and consumers. The platform enables anyone to invest in farming, by investing in farmers and what they can produce. 

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by Rohan Latimer

Plantd allows you to track the plants around you and share them with your friends and family. Some plants grow fast and some take decades, so Plantd encourages you to take a snap every now and then so you can make your own Attenborough-Esque time-lapse. You’ll get reminders to care for your plants, from the app itself and from others using it. 

by Stuart Johnstone

UFR8 connects clients to drivers and small businesses to customers. Individuals can get new and used items sent to their door, small businesses can deliver their products to customers, and drivers can subsidize their fuel and help lower greenhouse emissions. UFR8 provides real-time tracking and route planning, helping drive business and consumer confidence and peace of mind. A mutually beneficial and efficient supply chain service. 

by Diablo James

Diablo created Canine Protection Service in response to concerns about increased levels of violent crime in our community. It offers an ecosystem of affordable security solutions paired with mission-critical deployment capability.

The Incubator has been made possible by LaunchVIC funding, and partnership between Runway, Startup Shakeup and GHD Digital.