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Wangaratta Business Breakfast

Startup Shakeup’s Program Coordinator, Sarah Parker joined business owners at the nbnco Wangaratta Business Breakfast to learn about NBN Business Fibre Zone in Wangaratta and the the Top Cyber Security Tips for Business in 2022.

Dane Reid from Computing Today presented on the trends in Cyber Security for Business in 2022 and AnnetteRose from nbnco discussed the nbnco Business Fibre Zone in Wangaratta and how it can help businesses.

Top Cyber Security Tips for 2022!
Top Tips for Cyber Security from Dane Reid from Computing Today who presented at the NBNCo Wangaratta Business Breakfast:

  1. Always gain verbal confirmation on change of banking details (i.e. if you have suppliers setup in your system, never accept email confirmation of a change to their details. Phone the company using their registered number to confirm).
  2. Don’t give any details to anyone cold calling about accessing your computer
  3. Setup multi-factor authentication on all accounts especially financial & email, storage etc.
  4. Don’t open unknown or unexpected links in emails or Text Messages. Go to the company website directly.
  5. Check the senders email address in suspect emails which may be phishing campaigns.  Do this by hovering your mouse pointer over the underlined email address in the From field.
  6. Have I been pwned! Check if your accounts have been compromised at https://haveibeenpwned.com/
  7. Scan suspicious files attached to email before opening if you must open it.
  8. Be aware of websites which are either not using https:// or a valid certificate for the website.
  9. Look at using a password manager or at least don’t store passwords in simple files etc.
  10. Enterprise level accounts (Microsoft 365 / G-Suite) typically have additional security features and worth considering.
  11. Backup, backup & backup. There is no substitute.

Click here to learn more about the nbnco Business Fibre Initiative.

Attendees at the nbn Business Breakfast